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Location: On the N12, 98km north of Victoria West

Region: Karoo

Nearby towns: Vosburg, Victoria West, De Aar, Strydenburg, Carnarvon, Prieska, Hopetown

The local Dutch Reformed Church, built in 1877. 

Named after Hans Brits, who accompanied David Livingstone on a venture to the interior and then settled on the farm, Gemsbokfontein. In 1877, an association of local men, headed by TP Theron, bought a section of the farm on which they built a community centre and a church. 

A private irrigation scheme was started by the Smartt Syndicate in 1885 and liquidated in 1954. The concern built two dams, planted lucerne and wheat and grazed karakul sheep and Clydesdale horses. The 1961 floods destroyed the Smartt Irrigation Board Dam, rebuilt by the government in 1964.

Map Britstown: 

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 Britstown Museum 
Raath Street. Originally the Holy Trinity Church.
 Dutch Reformed Church 
Church Str. Built in 1877.
Experience the unique Karoo landscape on several hiking trails on surrounding farms. Arrangements by Transkaroo Country Lodge.
 Khoisan Rock Art 
Interesting archeological sites on farms Brakwater, Keurfontein, Maritzdam and Omdraaivlei are considered important heritage sites. Permission required to visit.
Excursions to marvel at the sparkling Karoo night sky can be arranged by Transkaroo Country Lodge.