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 Location: 120km southeast of Upington on the N8

Nearby towns:  Marydale, Kenhardt, Upington, Griquatown

 BoeGoeberg Dam

 Founded in 1936 and named after a former Minister of Agriculture, Groblershoop is a farming and administrative centre in the Orange River Valley, east of Upington.

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Boegoeberg Dam

Completed in 1931, surrounded by the Kalahari's red dunes and countless kokerbome (quiver trees), the dam is s watersports and angler's Mecca.

Roaring Sands

White dunes surrounded by typically red Kalahari dunes 'roar' when the wind blows. 

Water Turbine

On the farm Winstead, you can inspect a water turbine driven by solid-oak gears imported from England in 1910. 
Orange River Wine Cellars Cooperative 

Indulge in wine tasting before a tour.


Fossilised track resembling donkey spoor. Viewing is by appointments only.