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 Richtersveld Communities

including Kuboes, Lekkersing, Sanddrif, Eksteenfontein

Location Richtersveld: In the centre of the Richtersveld

Region: Namakwa

Nearby Towns: Alexander Bay, Steinkopf, Port Nolloth

The local community at Kuboes 

Experience the Nama Culture at the four communities of the Richtersveld, namely Eksteenfontein, Sanddrift, situated on the banks of the mighty !Garib (Orange River) offering good angling opportunities; Kuboes and Lekkersing.


This settlement in the Richtersveld was named after Ds Peter Eksteen who served the first church congregation in 1945. The town is mostly populated by a group of people originally known as ‘Bo-Sluis Basters’ who settled there in the 1940’s as a result of the apartheid’s separatism policies of the day. Today the community has become very close-knit and thrive on stock farming and working on the various diamond mines in the Richtersveld.

Location Richtersveld Communities: 

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Explore the Richtersveld 

Donkeycart Rides
from Eksteenfontein to Rooiberg Conservancy Area
Rooiberg Conservancy
Local  field guides take visitors to see a wide variety of succulents, some very rare. Also guided 4x4 routes.
Textile Group
Making Richtersveld motives on T-shirts and fabrics.