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Location Hartswater: North of Kimberley, 16km from Jan Kempdorp on the R49

Region: Diamond Fields

Nearby towns: Jan Kempdorp, Warrenton, Barkly West, Windsorton, Kimberley 

 Laid out in 1934 as a town serving the northern section of the Vaalharts Irrigation Scheme, Hartswater’s growth has been nurtured by its irrigation canals and is surrounded by trees and tracts of fertile ground.

Map Hartswater: 

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 Burial Sites
The burial site of Tswana Chief Galeshewe is near Hartswater.
Local Farms
Visit some of the local farms & shops, such as Olives SA, the local peanut farms or fruit farms. 
Hartswater Wine Cellar 
Enjoy wine tasting and buy local wines, bottled under the Overvaal and Elements labels.
 Taung Skull 
On the border of the Northern Cape and the North West Province. Home to the Buxton quarry where Raymond Dart discovered the million-year-old skull of the Taung child and declared a heritage site in 1924.
Vaalharts Irrigation Scheme 
Covering 36,950ha, the Scheme, which is one of the largest irrigation schemes in the world, is managed by Vaalharts Water, watering 1 250 farms of some 25ha each in the lush Valley.